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We make some products in house, integrate and enhance some, and distribute others as is required to meet client requirements.

AgTEM-Wallaby and AgTEM-Wallaroo transient electromagnetic systems traverse land to image electrical resistivity to many tens of meters deep to investigate groundwater. AgTEM-Wallaby resembles towed agricultural spray rigs while Wallaroo is lighter and can be either towed or hand carried.

PlatypusUSV Unmanned Survey Vessels trawl geo-electric streamers through waterways to image electrical resistivity of soil & rock beneath, by tomography, to investigate seepage and saline inflow.

We apply telemetered metering to measure water balance over time, useful for improving precision water management, especially using solutions involving seepage enhancement and recovery.

For soil moisture and texture studies we apply electrical resistivity tomography and dielectric permittivity measurement in many specialized ways that are useful as part of precision agriculture solutions.

Equipment is operated by ourselves, based in Dubbo, Australia or worldwide by trusted affiliates. Some products are suitable for immediate purchase and use by clients while others are only sold as products after vetting the client to assess that they will cope suitably with application of that more complex technology.