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Quick effective assessment of available bore data

Three dimensional subsurface imaging is now within the grasp of anyone capable of operating Google Earth with the assistance of files we provide. We present drillers logs (lithological logs) from government databases, as well as geophysical data we collect, in 3D graphics of the subsurface. We distribute such graphics to end users as files they can open, superimpose, and manipulate in Google Earth and other 3D viewers. Our geophysical data typically is presented in vertical sections wrapped along the track of our surveys. We call these ribbon, or curtain, images. On occasions, density of data collected warrants presentation of depth slices or more elaborate iso-surfaces.


For anyone siting water bores, we offer graphics of drillers logs from government water bore databases. This solution replaces the frustrating an ineffective method of groundwater investigation whereby one obtains huge lists of text bore summaries with bore coordinates and tries to make sense of their 3D distribution. Our graphical method permits rapid identification of all the most suitable bores for 3D comparison with prospective bore sites.

In our groundwater investigation solution we offer small, compact Google Earth (KMZ) files that can be readily emailed to you then simply opened in Google Earth. Rotate/Tilt and Zoom the drillers logs that appear and click on bore icons to reveal bore particulars. We charge approximately $300 for graphics of 20 to 100 bores – price will be confirmed once graphics are generated. Presently we offer drillers logs 3D Graphics from NSW, Vic & Qld State Water Bore Databases. Other data sources can be accessed upon request.