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Water and Soil Moisture Metering and Telemetry

Groundwater Imaging staff are certified by Irrigation Australia as Certified Meter Installers – CMI; NSW Duly Qualified Persons – DQP and Certified Storage Meter Installers and Validators – CSV.

We are systems integrators and installers of various metering equipment and telemetry solutions. We typically source parts from TOIP and AquaCheck. Projects involving integration of our electrical resistivity tomography, metering and telemetry products facilitate both a temporal and spatial understanding of soil moisture movements.

NSW Floodplain Harvesting (FPH) meter installation

As of February 2022 the TOIP ML417M1 telemetry equipped logger (LID) is now approved and certified for NSW FPH use, being the first to reach approval. We are still waiting for certification of proposed efficient installation methodology, noting that, at present, for storages without walkways but containing water, there is no permitted solution. Presently we can offer to either install on a walkway or to help you meet the legal requirement to ‘work towards compliance’ should you have water in a reservoir with no walkway.

Certified Storage meter Installer & Validator (CSV)

Groundwater Imaging Pty Ltd offer a water storage meter installation service as well as stock of replacement parts at Dubbo NSW. Download our brochure for further information.

Download Floodplain Harvesting Brochure